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Month: November 2016

Securus Technologies is Making A Difference in Correction Facilities

While many people view the Christmas season as a chance to visit family and friends, there are people in situations that do not allow them to visit love ones during the Christmas season. One particular group of people who generally do not have a chance to visit family and friends during the Christmas season are inmates in correction facilities.   With no way to visit family and friends during the holiday, many inmates hope for […]

Advancing The Business World With Technology

Today’s technology is a hot spot of information for budding entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of business professionals around the world that can be followed as mentors from afar. One popular person for this job is Chris Burch. Mr. Burch has taken the internet and today’s technology and turned it into an amazing tool for sharing his expertise. One way that Chris Burch has used the internet and technology to his advantage is by writing various […]

Brian Torchin Helps Healthcare Facilities Staff Up

The healthcare industry is one largest job providers in America. During the 2008 recession many job sectors saw severe losses but healthcare remained consistent. Despite health care’s ability to withstand severe economic conditions there is a serious staffing issue within the industry. Healthcare professionals may not always know where to go to find jobs in their fields and facilities in need of professionals. According to Behance, as a professional with years of experience in medical […]