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Month: March 2017

Brian Bonar’s Accomplishments In The Financial Industry

Brian Bonar is a respected entrepreneur. Over the years, he has offered transformative leadership to various companies, including Smart-Tek Automated Services and Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is an alumnus of James Watt Technical College where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering. In addition, Bonar holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering from Stafford University. Presently, Brian Bonar serves as the chief executive officer of Trucept Inc., a company that is committed to […]

A New Way To Find New York Lawyers Like Jeremy Goldstein

The New York State Bar Association has announced that they now have a website in order for those with a potential legal issue find well-qualified lawyers who are specialized in handling it; the Lawyer Referral and Information Service at   How the service works is an individual fills out a confidential questionnaire describing their situation and location. After this questionnaire is reviewed the person will be given a free, no-obligation referral to a lawyer […]

Finding The Right Fine Wine Company

In the market for some investment grade wine? Finding the right fine wine company can be challenging due to the fact that not all companies know what they’re talking about.  How do you know if you are working with a trustworthy company? UKV PLC is a trusted and knowledgeable group of talented fine wine consultants. They are dedicated to giving their clients only the most exceptional customer service and the finest wine and champagnes the […]

Jeremy Goldstein & How to Find Lawyers Online

Seeking for a lawyer who can tackle criminal matters, child custody issues, want your will to be written, need assistance with landlord-tenant problems among other issues will demand that you have a better and easier way of getting a dependable lawyer who can handle your case to success. New Yorkers currently have the good and convenient way of finding their lawyers who have the experience in handling their legal matters with their community.   That […]

The Life and Career of Sam Tabar

Just like any other successful professional from the United States, Sam Tabar has been shaped by his educational background and his innovative mind. Sam holds a degree from Oxford University having graduated with an MA and BA from the institution in 2000. He then furthered his education at the Columbia Law School where he obtained his LLM. Today, he works with a company called Skedden and has been here since the year 2001. He is […]

Correctional Facilities adopt the Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution

Securus Technologies is regarded as one of the leading companies that offer top-notch technology products for civil and criminal justice organizations that are based in North America. The company has specialized in providing products that are useful in monitoring, investigating, correction, and facilitating public safety. Its headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and it offers services to about 3450 prisons the United States. The products that Securus Technology develops aim at addressing a broad array […]

EOS Lip Balm – Bringing Innovation In The Lip Care Sector Continuously

If you use lip care product, then it is more than likely that you have already used EOS Lip Balm or have at least heard about it. EOS Lip Balm swept the market for lip care products single-handedly when it entered the market and gave a tough run for money to its competitors, which were much larger and had been the part of oral care industry for much longer. EOS or Evolution of Smooth’s valuation […]