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Month: June 2017

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund – Supporting Organizations that Help Build Better and Equal Communities without Injustice

One of the biggest problems that our world is facing today is the increasing cases of human rights violations, not only in the poor and war-torn countries but also the developed countries. The society as we know it has become highly intolerant and the crime rate is increasing at a steady pace across the globe, which is alarming. Many of the war-torn countries in the East are not able to manage the increasing terrorist activities, […]

Waking Up In The Mornings With Doe Deere

A morning routine is very important to many people. A steady morning routine can lead to the success of someone. There are many ways to start a morning routine, even if you are not a morning person. The first step in stepping up a morning is establishing a suitable wake up time each and every morning. Many people who contribute a morning routine to their success usually wake up pretty early. With an early wake […]

The Life Saving Legacy of Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening is a company that aims to detect severe cardiovascular diseases from simple screening methods. Throughout its formation in the early 1990s, Life Line Screenings have helped thousands, if not millions, of people diagnose their disease and made some life style changes to help minimize the possible catastrophic failure. Life Line Screening is being headed by a number of reputable people, and one of them is Dr. Andrew Manganaro. He attended the New […]

The Rise Of End Citizens United

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has as its ultimate goal the changing of the campaign finance laws in the United States through a constitutional amendment. Founded in 2015, End Citizens United has raised over $2 million from 136,000 donations that average $14.86. The PAC says it will use its vast grassroots support to raise as much as $30 million this election cycle which they will use to support Democratic House and […]

Copa Star Hospital; Rio de Janeiro First Luxury Hospital

If you came across the magnificently lit Copa Star building, located at Copa Cabana Beach, your first instinct will be that this is a hotel. Besides, it is located at one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Additionally, the structure of the building makes it look like a world-class five star hotel. When you first enter the hospital building, you will be welcomed by well-lit corridors that are decorated with the finest works of […]

Betsy Devos Redefines the Education System in America

After Donald Trump got elected as the President of the United States, it brought about the appointment of Betsy Devos as the 11th Secretary of Education. Her selection gets attributed to her involvement in the education sector for more than three decades. During that time, she acted as a voice for parents and an advocate for children. Her desire to improve the education sector began at a tender age. It got inspired by her mother […]

Natural Tourist Destinations

A good way of reconnecting with nature is to visit the parts of the world that have not been affected by human development and activities significantly. Travel companies such as Wild Ark have been actively involved in conserving natural spots, and they also offer guided trips to such destinations. This particular organization involves local groups in guiding tourists around the neighboring natural destinations, making the experience even richer.   Many of these destinations are located […]

Civil Society Groups: The Voices for the Neglected

Civil Society has become an inevitable part of democratic society and the absence of a vocal civil society points towards the lack of true democracy. During the last three decades, there has been a proliferation of civil society advocacy groups, particularly in the Western democracies. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Facebook The civil, human, and migration rights of individuals are either not provided or are violated in various different forms […]

How Nine9 Helps the 99%

Nine9 is a company that helps aspiring models and actors find jobs. Only 1% of people like them are represented by an agency; Nine9 represents the other 99% of people. The company was founded in 2003 and has offices in major markets in the United States including New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and other cities as well. Among the benefits of working with Nine9 is that they provide their clients with a service that […]

Rick Shinto of InnovaCare Health Provides Affordable Healthcare Models

Presently, the success of many organizations is embedded on teamwork and leadership. From new skills injected to the company by new employees to unique leadership roles by managers, it is a fact that a company’s success is determined by the head cheerleader as well as the employees. With experienced leadership come better results. Such is the strategy that has been applied by InnovaCare Health at achieving excellent results. InnovaCare Health is a leading medical service […]