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Avaaz organization activities

Avaaz is a civic organization that has been operating since January 2007 in the USA. The main aim is the promotion of global activism on the main issues. Human rights, climate change, poverty, corruption, animal rights and conflict are the main concern of the organization. A British newspaper known as The Guardian considers Avaaz as the International’s largest and influential online activists group. The title of the organization originates from the Persian language. The actual meaning of the word in Persia is ‘voice.’

Since the year 2009, the organization has been operating on funds from the generosity of individual members. It has not been taking donations from corporations. Also, Avaaz has not been accepting payments of more the $5,000 from any corporation. Before the year 2009, several foundations were involved with the funding of the Avaaz’s setup costs and staff. The organization’s 40 million members located in different parts of the nation voluntarily donate to Avaaz. This is their main stream of income to sustain their activities.

In the times of pressing issues, the organization mobilizes their large number of members internationally and together their voices request addressing the need. The organization has been saving lives in places such as Burma and Haiti. In addition to reversing policies in Brazil, Japan, and other countries, Avaaz has saved lives and acts in times of relieve. If Avaaz were a state, it would be the 25th largest donor that assists in the relief of Ebola.

The organization drives forward the idealism of the world. The leaders of the organization have greatly impacted the world inspiring people in being active in the process of changing the world. With only eight years in the game, Avaaz has done a recommendable job. The number of members is also growing faster. The number of donors is increasing and impacting more lives.