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Category: Wine Consultants

Rick Libby And Traveling Vineyard Provide Convenient Wine Tastings

Rick Libby is the President of Traveling Vineyards and also had a pivotal role in its creative development. They offer in-home wine tastings which enable average people to explore award-winning wine. He has a varied, successful background in business and has found that in-home demonstrations are a good strategy to sell products. Traveling Vineyard is committed to innovation and technology upgrades on a yearly basis. Their Traveling Guides are provided with updated mobile apps to […]

Finding The Right Fine Wine Company

In the market for some investment grade wine? Finding the right fine wine company can be challenging due to the fact that not all companies know what they’re talking about.  How do you know if you are working with a trustworthy company? UKV PLC is a trusted and knowledgeable group of talented fine wine consultants. They are dedicated to giving their clients only the most exceptional customer service and the finest wine and champagnes the […]