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John Goullet and Diversant, LLC Rock the World of IT Staffing

John Goullet is a business man and entrepreneur. Goullet earned a Master’s Degree in Computer Science in 1983 from Ursinus College. With degree in hand, John Goullet set upon the career path of IT Consulting. He later morphed into IT staffing and when he gathered a fair amount of experience John Goullet founded Info Technologies, in 1994. In just five years, Goullet grew his company into a $30 million entity.   Mr. Goullet saw the […]

It is a Gold Win for Troy McQuagge

The USHEALTH Group CEO, Troy McQuagge, received the gold award for the best CEO of the year from the most coveted One Planet Awards scheme. This is a premier global award that seeks to recognize the most excelling professionals in different industries serving in various capacities. Organizations around the globe submit their nomination proposals in both private and public, small and large as well as profit making and nonprofitable categories and read full article.   […]

IAP Worldwide; providing governments and businesses with solutions

IAP Worldwide is based in the United States and offers various solutions to both private sector businesses and government entities for their energy, technology and infrastructural needs. For around a half century, this company has offered several ways that have helped government entities and businesses establish infrastructure and technology and also improve their services on a regular basis. The company offers power solutions, expeditionary infrastructure and information technology and communication solutions. Through IAP Worldwide most […]