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The Success and Accomplishments of Mike Baur

Mike Baur rose to fame following his service at Swiss Start-up Factory AG. He serves here as the Executive Chairman in addition to being the co-founder of the firm.


It is remarkable that he has a vast experience exceeding fourteen years. He served in the capacity of private banker together with a professional who is proud of the career. He has been prosperous in his academic journey. This is characterized by his Master’s degree that he acquired from the University of Bern. The field of study that he focused on during his Masters is in Business Administration. He has also attained an Executive MBA from the University of Rochester. New York is the base in which the institution is based.


Upon completion of 11 years of service at Clariden Leu, he proceeded to the UBS. This took place during late 2008. At first, Baur was a regional manager but later acquired Oliver Jaquet’s crowning. The procedure enabled him to gain promotion such as being the Private Banking Switzerland’s head via the spring of the year 2011.


It is significant that Mike Baur possesses an extensive knowledge related to how the biggest batches are efficiently handled. This acted as a strength that facilitated his win of confidence from both Peter Eckert and Jaquet. The latter presently serves as the Clariden’s President.


In the same way, Baur aspired to get access to a higher number of clienteles because of his former activeness about the support tasks in the course of his duty at UBS. It is in line with the sources such as Clariden that he organized meetings with the customers without informing the Clariden’s consultants.


Following the broadcast in connection the integration of Clariden Leu, the Credit Suisse established a new Town within Zurich. There are high chances that the area would turn up to be to be a settling area for several clienteles emanating from the Clariden Leu. Mike Baur is a visionary individual and leader in connection to the CS personal Banking within the Zurich City.


What made him leave the job that he was initially taking part in, is that he decided to begin venturing in small firms. He continued with this till the year 2014. This is the time that witnessed his Swiss Startup. Oliver Walzer together with Max Meister refers to the rest of the partners.


Mike Baur having worked in different vacancies within the company, it is remarkable acknowledging the fact that the firm managed to transform greater levels.