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Tobias Jaeger And His Passionate Career

People often get absorbed by the passions they have for their business. They can get so into the passions that they forget the essentials, the values, and the core vision of their business. They can even become unscrupulous businessmen. Not with Tobias Jaeger.


He is the man behind many projects that will make any businessman proud. He is the man behind many programs that it’s not hard to see why he is now running multiple companies in a single day.


The Education

Mr. Tobias Jaeger was able to join among the rank of successful people in business who graduated from the University of Netherlands, where he founded the ever first company he ever started. The first company he started is called Business Associates Europe, which in 2007 became a university brand famous for its trending ideas.


Even at this prototype business Tobias already showed his knack for delivering models and services that address strategies that help people with their consulting needs. He can present a new set of ideas that can help both beginners and experienced individuals in business to run corporations with the new ideas from different experts. The company he started as a student was also able to show the various portfolio of leading firms that originate in Netherlands.


This company provides a lot of value to other businesspeople who need a lot of data on how to run successful businesses. After graduating, Tobias immediately went to the e-gaming industry and partnered with the world’s leading Poker player to bid a platform for all poker players in the world. This desire gave birth to StrategosPoker, the platform for online players to learn how to play the game competitively and professionally without losing a lot of money in the training. Generating profit was not easy for Tobias in this endeavor, but with persistence and hard work, along with luck, he successfully managed to teach many people how to earn a lot of revenue just by playing in Poker.


European Endeavors

Business is nothing if not for the desire to expand. The business activities of Tobias also pushed him to venture Europe and find opportunities there. With him becoming the Managing Director of another separate company, he’s able to create an educational platform that teaches managers and other professionals some of the today’s best tactics, design ideas and management tricks that help a business achieve its’ peak performance.


With this experience, he can push further in his career and tackle the creative industry and develop the initiative “Thought For Food” which is a documentary that features some of the data involving how the young business people shape the world of the future’s food industry.


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